We generate clean energy to create a collaborative economic ecosystem

RE FOR LIFE Business Model


We generate Clean Energy to contribute to Human development and reduce the Carbon Footprint

REFORLIFE is focused on improving the quality of life of people; especially those living in extreme poverty and inequality of conditions that the rest of the population, while improving the Human development indices, we also reduce the impact of climate change.

Our business model is innovative and allows us to build solar, wind, biomass and isolated micro grid plants with two objectives: Eco Power and Earth Care.


Renewable Energy Projects

We build renewable energy projects for sale to industrial, commercial clients and direct distribution to the grid. Our clients will pay a competitive market price for clean energy with a non-monetary added value, since for every 1 USD paid they will be contributing to the construction of new isolated renewable projects that improve the lives of vulnerable populations in their country or in different countries of the world. world, in addition to reducing the impact of climate change and helping to conserve life through new projects of reforestation, species conservation, recycling, sustainable technology and advice on environmental regulation.

Eco Power

We build solar, wind, biomass and smaller isolated micro grid projects. We supply clean energy to industries in order to diversify their electric consumption to an eco-sustainable generation and provide savings in their annual consumption. We also supply power directly to the network, under the regulation of distributed generation.

Earth Care

We use the income of Eco Power as a means of economic transportation for new isolated energy projects, improving safety, health, employment and education for communities without access to electricity and with the lowest index of economic and human development. In addition to preserving life through REProjectos: recycling, reforestation, conservation, sustainable technology and advising on environmental regulation.