Conservation and Biodiversity


Conservation and Biodiversity

REFORLIFE has the mission to preserve life through energy and for that reason a part of our net income will be destinated to invest in conserving biological diversity or biodiversity. For REFORLIFE, the protection of biodiversity is a collective challenge that must be approached from a global perspective and with an integrating approach, considering all social actors and economic sectors.

Biodiversity is fundamental to the existence of the human being on Earth and used in a sustainable way is an unlimited source of resources and very varied services. Biodiversity is closely linked to the health and well-being of people and constitutes one of the foundations of social and economic development. The conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance and restoration of ecosystems are equally relevant in the fight against climate change, one of the main environmental challenges facing humanity.

The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are the key elements for moving towards a model of green economy and sustainable development that minimizes the impact of human activities and recognizes the value and relevance of ecosystem services for development and well-being

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