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REFORLIFE is a renewable energy generator company that develop and build solar, wind and biomass projects, where net income is invested in rural electrification projects and REprojects with the purpose of increasing human development, while reducing the impact of climate change and conserving the species. In this way REFORLIFE increases the impact of the generation and supply of clean energy.

ECO POWER: We invest in the construction and operation of biomass, wind and solar projects to supply clean energy to our Industrial customers (self-consumption) or from our Distributed Generation projects (direct delivery to the grid). In this way we obtain income to invest in new renewable, hybrid and autonomous projects for isolated rural populations that still lack energy in order to give them the opportunity to develop their communities.

REFORLIFE sells clean energy to industrial and commercial customers within its facilities (roof or ground), providing an interesting value proposition both for the economic side as well as the environmental and human side. In addition, we sell renewable energy directly to the grid through distributed generation and direct contracts with the different distribution companies in the country.

REFORLIFE distributes its net incomes in three divisions:

1) We reinvest in new renewable projects that supply energy to different clients. In this way we ensure the sustainability and incomes for the company through private energy sales contracts or with local distributors.

2) Investment in Rural Electrification Projects: we build rural energy projects in isolated populations who lack it.

3) REproyectos: we invest in conservation projects of species and biodiversity, recycling, reforestation, sustainable technology, and advice on environmental regulation.

1) People with resources under $ 5 PPP / day: People with limited economic resources who obtain local jobs in the construction of our renewable energy projects.

2) People with resources under $ 2 PPP / day: through the construction of new rural energy projects, the poorest people, may be benefited with electricity. In this way they will increase their human development indicators over time, improving his education, health and safety.

3) The environment: We reduce the impact of climate change by improving the industrial and commercial consumption of conventional energy and we take it to a clean energy consumption, reducing the tons of CO2 emitted to the environment. REFORLIFE through its REprojects promotes recycling in companies through corporate and social projects, raising awareness among the population and decreasing the impact of chemical products, plastics, on water, land and air. In addition, we have a reforestation area inside the company where our main objective is to have greener cities, with vegetation in harmony with technology.

4) The species: REFORLIFE is building alliances with organizations that take care about the species through conservation and Biodiversity projects. Preserving the life of endangered species and all kinds of biodiversity on earth.

We believe that we can improve the impact of the generation of clean energy. HOW? We invest in mitigating and controlling the effects of climate change, in this way REFORLIFE is committed to revolutionizing the impact on investment, construction and supply of clean energy, through its net income , investing them in the EARTH CARE area that is focus on creating the REprojects, which are:

  • - Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Reforestation
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable Technology
  • Advisory on Environmental Regulation

We invite you to discover more of our REprojects at the top of our page.

For each renewable energy project built and sold to industrial customers or to the grid, We will build a energy project to supply electricity for vulnerable communities that lack it. New REprojects will also create other projects such as: recycling, reforestation, biodiversity and ecosystem and more. We invite you to review the impact indicators generated in REimpact.

What differentiates us from being a generator of more renewable energy and from other generator, is that our focus is to distribute the net income of our assets and invest them in new energy opportunities for remote communities that lack electricity and to reduce the impact of climate change by investing in Our REprojects: Conservation and Biodiversity, Reforestation, Recycling, Sustainable Technology, and Advice on environmental regulation. Our value proposal is the positive impact multiplied for the ecosystem and human development for every dollar paid to REFORLIFE for a clean energy generated.

If you are interested in the supply of clean energy of REFORLIFE, participate and / or collaborate with us, please go to contact us and choose the reason that most closely matches your needs. We want to hear from you. Our response takes two to three business days at the most.

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