Rural Energy


Rural Energy

REFORLIFE is committed to supply energy to vulnerable communities that lack electricity, to satisfy their supply needs with the use and to eliminate the precarious, contaminated and inefficient energy sources.

Two of the major problems identified in rural energy supply, is the inability to storage because their high cost and because the consumption has large fluctuations throughout the day. This means that facilities must be available, sufficiently dimensioned to meet the maximum demand that may arise, and the great variability of consumption throughout the day translates into an increase in maintenance and production costs.

Fortunately, REFORLIFE strategy seeks the best solution for the different dimensions and capacities of each locality through isolated micro-grids that work with batteries and renewable generation, seeking to meet the requirements of domestic, service, transport and productive activities, in order to achieve an improvement of living conditions through the increase of jobs during the construction period of each project and the operation thereof, as well as respecting and preserving the environment.

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