Our 5 fundamental reasons why REFORLIFE creates and invests in recycling projects:

Our main motivation is energy saving and the fight against climate change. Because when we recycle it reduces the work of extraction, transport and elaboration of new raw materials, which entails an important advantage of the use of the necessary energy to carry out these processes, at lower energy consumption, generating less CO2 and reducing the greenhouse effect. It means, that recycling at home is transalted into helping the planet and helping to fight against climate change.

In addition, it reduces the consumption of raw materia, if we recycle glass, paper or plastic, there is no need to use these new raw materials to manufacture products. In this way we will save a significant amount of natural and conservative resources, among other things, our forests, the so-called lungs of the planet, whose work is essential to decontaminate the environment.

We give way to innovation in the creation of new products. Although you have never stopped to think about it, there are everyday objects that are born from recycling. Many shoe boxes have their origin in the tetrabriks, a tire tire can be manufactured with those same cans of soda that you keep in your fridge, and that fleece that holds you so much has its origin in PET plastic bottles. You should keep in mind that these products need less water and energy and of course less pollution during their production process. There are many companies that have launched eco-design with the aim of designing but respecting the environment. Even reuse objects as diverse as road signs or tires and different things.

In addition, new jobs are created and to be recycled at home, in the industry or anywhere, it is necessary to preserve the environment and something as important as helping to create and maintain jobs. Because the waste recycling process requires companies and workers to collect the different materials and classify them.

Our mission is complete and that by recycling we conserve the environment. That is to say that if we recycle the polluting industry less than the air by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, we protect our soils because the waste is in the corresponding place and does not accumulate in the waters of our rivers and mares. By using organic waste for the composting of our gardens or crops, we avoid chemical fertilizers.

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